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    Known as “Sicily Carribeans”, it is located on a bay between wonderful mountains

    Famous destination for excursionists. It is a treasure, and in the meanwhile, a gift to the mediterranean: white sand, limpid water, and incredible view on the Zingaro Natural Reserve. This one was the first natural reserve in Sicily, created in 1981.

    It is a real paradise due to its wide variety of flora and fauna. San Vito Lo Capo will offer you all the comfort you need, and of course pubs, Ice cream shops, fish restaurants and local specialities.


    Well known all over the world for its typical “Saline”, visible at the Museum of Salt in Trapani and Paceco.

    We can start from the beach called Tower of Ligny, due to the tower behind the beach and that was a fortress against northafrican pirates. here the sea is deep and there is no sand. It is usual to do jogging on the seafront.

    San Giuliano beach is the largest of Trapani, extendinf for up to 2 km with limpid water and gold sand. It follows then 15 km of bays like Pizzolungo, Bonagia and Valderice, characterized of uncontaminated nature.


    Between Capo San Vito and Capo Rama and it is one of the most important town in Sicily for tourism

    Castellammare del Golfo is an attractive seaside town on the north-western coast of Sicily, between Palermo and Trapani. The historic little fishing port has a very picturesque location, below steep mountain slopes, with a handsome curved harbour at the foot of a small headland topped with a castle.

    Castellammare is just touristy enough that visitors don’t feel out of place, but it isn’t overcrowded with hotels and it has an authentic Sicilian ‘feel’. La playa is the main beach in the city, with golden sand and open space. By a tourism point of view, it is well organized and people are always satisfied. Night life is also present, with discos all around and music until sunrise.


    It represents the beauty of Sicily

    The hamlet of Scopello couldn’t be any more charming if it tried. Built around an 18th-century baglio (manor house) fortified with a high wall and huge gates, its white houses and smooth-stone streets look like they belong in a 1950s Italian movie.

    In fact, the historic tonnara (tuna-processing plant) on the shore below is a popular film location of Ocean’s Twelve was filmed here.


    City of wine

    Many know about its sweet dessert wines, but few people realise what a charmer the town of Marsala is. Though its streets are paved in gleaming marble, lined with stately baroque buildings and peppered with graceful piazzas, Marsala has pleasures that are simple – a friendly passeggiata (evening stroll) most nights, plenty of aperitif options and family-friendly restaurants aplenty.

    Marsala was founded by the Phoenicians who escaped from Mozia after it was defeated by an army led by Dionysius I of Syracuse. They settled here on Capo Lilibeo, calling their city Lilybaeum and fortifying it with 7m-thick walls that ensured it was the last Punic settlement to fall to the Romans. In AD 830 it was conquered by the Arabs, who gave it its current name Marsa Allah (Port of God).



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