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    They take their name from Eolo, the god of winds, and are composed of seven islands off the northeast shore of Sicily. They have been considered the “seven pearls of the mediterranean” and they have vulcanic origins.


    The island of Lipari is located in the centre of the Aeolian archipelago, it is the biggest, the richest and the best organized in terms of tourism

    In Lipari the main street is Corso Vittorio Emanuele, but the most traditional one is Via Garibaldi, where smaller and more suggestive streets develop from. Via Garibaldi connects the castle with Ugo Sant’Onofrio square, called also Marina Corta, one of the most beautiful squares of the island, full of pubs and restaurants. Another important street is Via Francesco Crispi, called also Marina Lunga, that connects Lipari city with the small town of Canneto. Along the shore you can find a lot of moorings of the archipelago.

    You can even find a lot of beaches like Acqua Calda, Porticello, Papesca Vinci, Valle Muria, Pietra Liscia as the most known, but if you want to find your little angle of paradise you just need to look for it.

    Visiting the castle of Lipari is a must, its name derives from the archaeologist Luigi Bernabo’ Brea, and there you can find the regional museum well known for vulcanology and paleontology to allow the visitor to experience the evolution of the people who have occupied these wonderful territories in the past until now.


    The smallest, but not the least important

    It is considered the most beautiful island of the archipelago, and has been visited by a lot of VIPs that prefer to spend thei holidays between tradition, suggestive sunsets and excursion by yacht to Basiluzzo island.

    You even need to try the tour together with an alpine guide on the three paths which bring to Punta Corvo, the highest hill at 421 meters above mean seal level (AMSL). You will discover the hidden Panarea, that has been an agricultural settlement for centuries cultivated with grapevines and olive trees, completely disappeared today. Duing the climb path you can notice vertical plantations, dry stone walls and the wonderful landscape all around.


    It is considered the greenest

    It is composed of two hills: Monte Fossa delle Felci (972 m AMSL) that has a big wood of ferns, and Monte Porri (860 m AMSL), important for the people of Falchi della Regina. We suggest a walk to the Saint Mary’s of Terzito Sanctuary located in the small town of Valdichiesa. In Santa Marina is possible to see the most important church with its special bell towers. Walking on the main street of the island is a must, full of food shops and boutiques where you can find typical Aeolian style clothes to buy. In the same street you can find the museum of wine. Close to the main town, about 2 km from it, you can reach the town of Lingua, where you can find the salty lake where the salt was obtained from in the past, and that’s why the island has this name. Close to the lake you can find the Civic Museum and the Museum of Archeology of the island.

    Malfa is the central town and it is the most populated and here you can find the biggest hotels of the island. You also need to visit: Punta Scario beach, the small marina of Scalo Galera and beautiful bay of Pollara known for Massimo Troisi italian movie “Il postino”. Pollara is a small town that grew up on a volcanic grave located on half crater. Of the other half we can only see a small neck coming out of the sea called “Il Faraglione”. In the close proximity there is “the castle”, a small fortress built during the WWI. Cape Faro, located between Malfa and Santa Marina, is a small town characterized by a high cliff overhanging on the sea and oversaw by a lighthouse. Here you will be sorrounded by plantations of Malvasia. All of the Aeolian islands, but particularly the island of Salina, are rich of caper bush and plantations of grapes where the Malvasia is derived from.


    A still active volcano. Destination of researchers and enthusiasts, one of the most suggestive island of the archipelago

    In stromboli, streets are not illuminated, and the district of Lipari wants to maintain this tradition. The volcano and stars are illuminating the island, the former is one of the most visited and monitored volcano of the world, moreover after the last eruptions (after 2002) that have changed the configurations of the different craters. At the beginning they were three craters, and today only one. On the island we can find vulcanic sand beaches, so black and thin.

    Dealing with the excursions, for safety reasons you need to book them, in order to have a vulcanologist guide together with you. You can observe the “Sciara del Fuoco” by boat only, a slope of ash, lapillus and lava coming out from the volcano and getting down to the sea. You also need to visit the small town of Ginostra, reachable by boat. In town, you can only move by mules and even by electrical skates.


    It is beautiful to visit, by ground as well as by sea

    The volcano is still active and is located at 391 m AMSL. Its activity is characterized by fumaroles and sulfur emissions where mud natural pools are derived from, and are the main attraction of the island since the beginning. The sea water is hot, warmed up by underwater boiling emissions of hot gases.

    Here in Vulcano, the sand is black and thin, typical for a vulcanic island. You need to try the climb to the crater, a wonderful experience, between sulfur emissions and fantastic views of the archipelago.


    Far away, and into the wild

    There you can find small towns, where you don’t have shops or discos, but uncontaminated nature where silence is dominating, and even on summer it is not noisy. Alicudi is the typical island: two shops, one postal office, one hotel, one church, some houses, and about 100 residents. Filicudi is bigger than Alicudi and offers something more.

    In summer, obviously, tourism is the main source of money, but out of this season things are changing widely. Some people think that you can get more
    from them during autumn and spring, not summer, in order to fully enjoy the magic of these places where you can well live with nothing.



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