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Considered for their immense naturalistic, geological and archaeological importance since the year 2000, the Aeolian Islands, unique in the Mediterranean basin, have been included in the Unesco world ranking. The archipelago takes its name from the God Aeolus, the undisputed god of the winds, and is made up of seven islands scattered along the north eastern coast of Sicily. Vulcano is the lowest end and Alicudi and Stromboli the two points furthest west and east respectively.

Vulcano, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi have been defined "the seven pearls of the Mediterranean" islands of extraordinary charm and although all of volcanic origin they differ greatly from each other for the natural, landscape and coast characteristics.


The island of Lipari is located in the center of the Aeolian archipelago, it is the largest, rich in services and best equipped for tourism

The beaches are many Acqua Calda, Porticello, Papesca Vinci, Valle Muria, Pietra Liscia the most known but if you want to find a small isolated corner of paradise just look for it, the choice is very large. Important to see is the Castle of Lipari named after the ’archaeologist Luigi Bernab ò Brea where the regional museum is located, known for its prehistoric, paleontological, classical and volcanological collections to allow the visitor to relive the evolution of the civilizations that have occupied these wonderful territories until today. main street is corso Vittorio

Emanuele, the most characteristic and most popular street is for via Garibaldi, from which numerous alleys branch off which make it even more suggestive. It connects the castle with piazza Ugo di Sant ’Onofrio, known as Marina Corta, one of the most fascinating squares of the islands full of bars and restaurants. te è via Francesco Crispi, known as Marina Lunga, a seafront that connects the town of Lipari with the Canneto hamlet. Along this stretch of coast there are the largest availability of moorings in the entire arcipelago


Panarea is the smallest but not least important island

It is considered the most beautiful island and consequently the most popular also by VIPs who spend their holidays between social evenings,

aperitifs at sunset and excursions with yachts between the island of Basiluzzo and the other rocks The excursion together with the mountain guide is also very beautiful from the three paths that lead to Punta Corvo, the highest point of the island 421 meters above sea level The route reveals the hidden Panarea, an agricultural colony of Lipari for centuries mainly cultivated with vines and olive trees, now almost completely disappeared. During the ascent you can observe ordered terracing structures to exploit the vertical crops, the dry stone walls made of rock and the wonderful landscape all around.


The island of Salina is considered the greenest

It's formed by two mountains: Mount Fossadelle Felci 972 asl composed mainly

of a very dense forest of ferns, and Mount Porri 860m asl, very important for the

population of the Queen's Falcons. A route on foot or for the lazy is recommended by renting a

scooter to visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito in the hamlet of Valdichiesa. In Santa Marina it is possible to admire the very important eighteenth-century church from its characteristic bell towers. A must to walk along the central street of the town, full of grocery shops and boutiques that launch the typical Aeolian holiday fashion. Also on the road to visit the wine museum. About 2 km away, you reach the hamlet of Lingua, with the brackish water lake from which salt was obtained in the past. which the island takes its name. A few steps from the lake we find the Civic Museum and the Archaeological Museum of the island. Malfa is the town central island. It is also the most populated and here are the largest hotels on the island. of Pollara known for the scenes from Massimo Troisi's film “Il Postino ”. Pollara is a small village that stands in the volcanic trench of half a crater. Of the other half it is possible to admire only a small neck that emerges from the sea, the so-called “Faraglione ”. Nearby there is the Castle, a small fort built during the First World War.Capo Faro, located between Malfa and Santa Marina, is a small hamlet characterized by a high cliff overlooking the sea and surmounted by a Lighthouse. Here you will find yourself immersed in the cultivation of Malvasia. All the Aeolian islands, but in particular Salina, are rich in caper plants and grape crops from which Malvasia is obtained.


Volcano in full activity, the destination of many geologists, researchers and enthusiasts who make it one of the most evocative destinations of the archipelago

In Stromboli the streets are not illuminated and it is the concern of the municipality of Lipari (of which it belongs) leave things exactly as they are. To illuminate the island, in fact, the stars and the volcano take care of it. Vulcano, which in addition to being one of the most visited, is also one of the most monitored in the world, especially after the latest eruptions (after 2002) which changed the configuration of the various craters. Before there were three, while now there is one with more mouths in continuous evolution. It goes without saying that on this island too, there are many beaches made up of grains of very fine black volcanic sand.

Returning to the excursions, for obvious safety reasons you can only move by appointment and in the presence of volcanological guides. Only by boat can you see the “Sciara del Fuoco”, a slope of ash, lapilli and incandescent lava that descends from Stromboli to the sea. The village of Ginostra is also very beautiful. Reachable by sea, you can only move with mules and for some time with electric trolleys.


The island is beautiful to visit, both by land and from the sea

The still active volcano that rises 391 meters above the level of sea, due to its activity characterized by fumaroles and sulfur

spills have generated natural pools of mud thermal baths, one of the main attractions of the island since ancient times.

Bathing in its waters is mandatory in the stretch of sea in front of it hot, so defined because heated by submarine boiling due to hot gas

leaking from the seabed.
The visit to the Spiaggia delle Sabbie Nere is characterized by its dark and
very fine sand and by the magnificent sunset on Filicudi. Gelso beach, very private and because it is more difficult to reach. Finally, you must not miss for any reason the climb to the crater, a unique experience, in the midst of sulfur emissions, to the top, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of all the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago.


They are the farthest islands and also for this considered the wildest

They are made up of very small villages in which maybe you can't find two-story shopping malls and nightclubs

but uncontaminated spaces where silence dominates and even in summer when tourists arrive it is also difficult to hear noise or

buzz. Alicudi is the most island there is: two grocery stores; an office post office; a hotel; a church, a small number of houses and about 100

inhabitants. A little bigger and with a few more Filicudi services than it also houses a section of great interest in the Aeolian Archaeological Museum.

In summer, of course, these islands attract a fair number of visitors; at other times of the year, things change considerably. Yet, many believe that, apart from winter, it is autumn and spring, and not summer, the best seasons to fully grasp the essence of territories so full of charm where you get used to really live with little.




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